Monday, 9 February 2015

Foster Puppy Marvin

This week was Marvin's, a 10 week old Rotti/Collie X, turn to come home with me for a few days. Him and his brothers and sisters were being brought up by a mum who has spent her life in a shed and never had human contact. That is where us, the volunteers and staff come in. We have each taken a puppy home to show them that no one will hurt them and that life is good if you give it a chance. Poor Marvin found his 'safe place' the moment he came in the house, a dark corner behind a press where no one could reach him. As we gave him time to adjust he slowly made his way out and had a peep around at his new abode. Luckily we have Bobby our dog member of the family to help Marvin fit in and Marvin loves nothing more then following him around, you can clearly see hes only comfortable when hes near another dog.
Now I had never really taken into account how hard fostering a puppy was going to be, think bringing a new baby home. Marvin stayed in his bed all night.. that is when he wasn't up every two hours on the dot playing,barking,howling,pooping,playing,eating,drinking (extremely loudly) and did I mention pooping. After one of the most sleepless nights I've had in a long time I brought Marvin and Bobby for the longest walk possible to try and tire them out. Oh this worked alright they slept for hours..during the day and not at night. We had a quiet enough day just trying to get Marvin used to being in a house with human contact.
Through the night though I knew Marvin wasn't a well little boy as he was up a lot and had an upset tummy. I rang the Veterinary Nurse up at the center and she seemed pleased that he wasn't seriously bad but did need something for his tummy.
But this is me we are talking about and of course everything went wrong at once. As I was getting Marvin ready to go back I had an accident and was pretty sure I broke my finger so we now had to get me to the hospital AND Marvin back home all before the center closed. Luckily it did work out as I was called to the hospital which isn't too far from the center. Marvin was taken back to his brothers and sisters to gets lot of rest and a full recovery.
I can most certainly say it has been one of the most dramatic weekends of my life, but I'm glad I got to spend time with Marvin and help him on his way to a better life.

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