Thursday, 26 February 2015

The Road Ahead

So my 'Gap Year' is coming to a close and yes I am most certainly a whoooole lot more confident and happy to move out and go to college, (obvs still have some jitters thou) now I'm really excited and looking forward to what the old future holds.Thinking back to how I was this time last year its insane how much of a difference a year can make. Yes I didn't go all out nuts on my Gap Year I stayed at home and did my volunteering but I have done more in this year then I could have ever imagined.
Volunteering in the ISPCA not only gave me amazing experiences with animals that I know for sure now I see myself working with in the future, it also gave me life-long friends, unreal opportunity's that I never thought I'd be offered (such as representing them on Live TV, completing a Dog Training course,  being picked to groom a famous models dog (oh yeah big time) and getting to foster some dogs) and it also allowed me to be somewhere where I was totally myself, surrounded by people who have the same interest as me, bringing my self confidence up to a whole new level. I almost can't put into words how that place and the people there have changed my life but its saying a lot for someone who this time last year was afraid to go into school, is now moving out and going to college.
Obviously being chosen as manager in the shop I also volunteer in was another big event I had no idea would happen, but I guess that's what a Gap Year is for, to get amazing experiences and to grow as the person who is always under your surface waiting to come out.
Right now all I'm focusing on is how happy I am in who I am, what I'm doing and where I am. I never thought I'd see the day where I'm 'looking forward' to going to college.. but it is here and I can't wait to share where my story is going to go from here.

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