Saturday, 28 February 2015

Asian Cuisine Night

Early this week my Mum surprised us with having a special dinner she had laid out. We love all the different cultures and the way they have dinner so it was a fun evening. My Mum had set out cushions on the floor for us to eat around the little coffee table in the sitting room, along with some Asian rice bowls and chopsticks (although we can't use them). She made up a delicious meal of egg noddles, courgettes, carrots and mushrooms in a Sweet and Sour sauce. Now obviously I'd like to take credit for this lovely meal but it was all down to my Mum. The great thing about the little rice bowls are the portion size, you feel like your eating loads when really its less then half a regular bowl. We had a great evening sitting round the table talking about our day and munching this delicious meal. I love themed dinners and having the family together around the table is a treasure.

This cheeky rascal was delighted he could reach this new way of eating and claimed one of the cushions.

I had my lovely noddley- goodness with some Quorn Mince, as I'm a veggie.

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