Sunday, 25 January 2015

W7 UH-MAZING Product reviews

This week started off with my beaming smile as I met my postman at the door with a package from W7, which to be fair is every girls dream.. getting products from your favorite brand.

I'm going to start straight off with the BEAUTIFUL 10 out of 10 (brown) palette. First I must say this package was sent with random bits so I was in shock that this set was sent out of all W7 palettes because brown is my favorite eye shadow color ever and a must have color I use on a daily basis. This palette contains the color for every occasion, 10 browns ranging from light to dark, matte to glitter which are of incredible quality and last all day. If like me your eyebrows don't know if they want to be brown/fair/black this is also brilliant for filling in them little forehead buddies as there is a shade to match all types. This handy little palette is also perfect for travelling as it contains two double ended brushes and is perfect handbag size.

WOOP now I'm excited. The W7 Prime Magic Camera Ready Face Primer is just simply amazing. W7 I bow down to you . I have never seen a product like this. Yes it does its job by being a Primer, but once you see it you'l understand, it's almost like a jelly texture and is SO unbelievably soft your face is softer than a marshmallow wrapped in candyfloss sitting on a cloud. Having your face so  primed and ready it leaves you with the perfect canvas to get to work on and will last all day.

                                    Lashed up.. well if you insist.
You know that mascara you always go straight for when your heading out and always the same one you will be picking up each time you drop into the chemists, well this is going to be it now. It does what most mascaras do.. lengthens, give volume and leaves you ready to wink to make the boyzz blink (did I really just say boyzz) but also the mascara is great for no clumps which we pray for every time we pull the wand out of the bottle. I highly recommend this mascara because not only is it simply amazing it's W7 which means a fantastic bargain.

To be honest here, when I first seen this I was nervous. 1: the color, not me at all. 2: the texture of the liquid.. lets just say calling it lip 'paint' is a good name, but bare with me here its a good'un.
There's not many glosses out there that will last and remain vibrant all day long, but this is one of them. I can't get over this gloss, trust me if your a fan of gloss you need to get this on you now. 

W7 Draw the line eyeliner.. well it does what it says on the.. eh pencil. But anyway another great product from W7 that will leave you with the most amazing lined lashes with a gorgeous dark charcoal color.  I can't get over W7 they are.. as I've said simply amazing.

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