Saturday, 21 February 2015

New Face Care Products

I should have known stepping into Penny's (Primark) I wasn't going to come out empty handed.
After seeing a lot of reviews on Garnier's Micellar Cleansing Water I wanted to give it a go but thought it would be way out of my budget, so boy was I shocked when I seen Penny's had it for only €4. This is brilliant for removing make up but I actually used it for a deep clean after I had my make up removed. I've never seen a product like this but it truly is a must for face care and also suits sensitive skin. Packed with minerals and vitamins that benefit your skin and also being liquid it hydrates as you clean. Highly recommend this one.

I was looking for a good exfoliater after the winter has been at work on my skin and Penny's have a brilliant range of products in the P.S Love range so I spotted this lush smelling Papaya and Vitamin E scrub. The scrub is brilliant at removing dead skin and cleaning pores but also the cream is quite moisturizing as your cleaning and leaves your skin unbelievably smooth and soft. Brilliant quality and what a bargain at €2.50

Lastly I picked up Garnier's Simply Essentials Soothing Vitamin-Enriched Toner (quite a name). A toner finishes of your skin cleaning routine nicely as it cleans deep, hydrates and soothes the skin after everything it has been exposed to during the day. This toner is an expert at soothing as it has water lily extract enriched in it which benefits sensitive skin too. Penny's never do let down do they, offering great beauty products at afordable prices like this one at only €3.

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