Wednesday, 25 February 2015

BRITS Night: Live comments on the event

The BRITS always know how to make a big entrance and they certainly did that with Taylor Swift kicking off with Blank Space. Tay-swift was there in all her sass gloryness and proper slayed that arena. There's no way of listening to that song without jamming out to it.
Rita Ora and shock horror Orlando Bloom (who I didn't recognize) presented Best Male Solo Artiest and the winner was the one and only Ed Sheeran.. who doesn't need any introduction or even words at this stage hes just a ledge.

Royal Blood won Best Group.. and to be fair like most people I haven't heard of them

Sam Smith performed Lay me Down which was just naturally stunning as ever. I'm so proud to be in the generation where Sam Smith has started his road on the journey to become the legend he is.

Ant and Dec presented the Awards this evening, now I do love them lads but to be honest James Corden always made the show really entertaining and sure no one can forget that Adele moment back in 2012.

Thanks to Ant and Dec's brilliant bingo game Louis Hamilton and Elle Goulding were 'picked' to present Best International Female, and well it was all a bit awkward wasn't it but they cracked on with it and the winner was our Taylor Swift, I say our because I feel like shes a long distant cousin at this stage. Unbelievably this is Taylor's (see were on a first name basis) first Brit Award and she certainly does deserve it, if only for wearing heels that high when your already about 7 foot tall.

Now for their shinning moment Royal Blood performed and I think everyone was on the edge of their seat trying to hear if they did actually know this band. I'l admit their not my cup of tea but they were amazing.

Best British Female Artist had an amazing line up and everyone had their own amazing talent. The winner was the amazing Paloma Faith. I love everything about her, her style, her voice, her quirkiness and the fact that she burst into tears when her name was picked moved me so much, and with that lovely speech she truly did deserve it.

EDDDD EDDD.. okay calm I'm calm. Ed Sheeran performed next. How a fella can stand on a stage in an arena with a simple black t-shirt and jeans on and not a sound other then him being heard, explains the magic of Ed Sheeran in a nut shell. If this is what Ed is like as a guest at a show I can't imagine what his Tour performances will be like.

Half way through and were onto Global Success which was presented by the one and only Kim Kardashian. Now I have never seen this Coming with the Kardashians or whatever you call it so I don't know anything about her other than damm that girl can contour, however more importantly SAM SMITH, gooo boy, hes a natural talent and a genuine nice fella but I feel the limelight was taking way off him and put so much on to Kim as Ant and Dec took a selfie with her and had her introduce Kanye West to perform, which was not the best to be honest as most of it was muted as it was offensive and just shouting down the mic and repeating "all day" quite a lot.

Miss Cara Delevingue thank god rescued our ears from Kanye and presented International Male Artiest. I had to laugh as she called the walk up to the podium a runway. Mr Happy, Pharrell Williams won but wasn't there to pick it up so Cara hung on to that award like it was the queen of all eyebrow tints.

Take That performed next, which I still can't get over how odd it looks for there to only be three of them but I do still like them although I was gutted it wasn't These Days it was some new song that no one seemed to know.

Lisa Snowdon and Lionel Richie (yeah me neither) presented Best British Single and what a line up, but hands down the best winner "UPTOWN FUNK YOU UP UPTOWN FUNK YOU UP".. okay no don't get me started on that song or I will pull a muscle attempting to do the dance again. Go on Mark Ronson (who would have known he was British).

Gotta love god old John Bishop and he got to present Best International Group and I was truly rooting for 5 Seconds of Summer here so was gutted that Foo Fighters won. Again another group that I don't know so I will leave it at.. I honestly thought they were called Food Fighters.

Shut the front door.. Is that George Ezra I spot, yes yes it is. I have no words.. I love this man.
"give me one more reason why I should never make a change" (or probably completely different words because when you actually look at the lyrics for that song there a whole lot different then you ordinarily thought.. or is that just me).

Charli XCX (my girl crush atm) and Fearne Cotton look like proper Besties presenting Best British Breakthrough to Sam Smith, his second Brit of the night, and must I add he can style a blue suit that not many can.

At this stage of the awards I'm pretty sure Ant and Dec have had a few glasses as they got under a table with Fearne Cotton.. trust me not like your thinking. Award winning (now we can say that) Paloma Faith performed the breathtaking Only Love whilst passionate dancers did an incredible performance under a downpour of that 'showy rain' that some acts do.

Holy Maholy was my only reaction to Carly (don't know) and Jimmy Carr, WOWza that girl is tall. I do love Jimmy Carr but ouch the crowd is rough this evening not a giggle at his jokes (although I didn't get them either). One Direction won something I'm guessing was Best Band but I was too in shock at the reaction to Jimmy's jokes and then the weird- panning- over- the -crowd -like -they- were -looking- for- One- Direction that was going on to hear what it was.

Russel Crowe (who I now know as he was on This Morning the other day) presented Best British Album to no surprise..Ed Sheeran's X. This is just become a thing for Ed now, winning awards and that, yet he still gets up on stage and fangirls at other people "Russel Grant everybody, sick".

Closing up was the performance that apparently everyone is waiting for (not me, George was my highlight) Madonna...
DAM this is where blogging and trying to watch the awards gets you, I heard the bang and I look up and Madonna is down, I repeat Madonna is down.. Look out internet endless Vines of Madonna for the next three weeks.
It was another great awards night with amazing performances and well deserved winners.. heres to another year of great music.

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