Sunday, 22 February 2015

My Grandmothers Wedding Dress

My Nanny passed away three years ago and today my Mum had to clean out her house. She found my Nan's wedding dress which I had never seen before. I'm a lover of all things vintage but this being my Nans means more than anything to me. I being the only girl in the family was given the dress and allowed to do what I want with it. My Nan was a size 6 on her wedding day so there is no way I can fit into it (with the zip done up) so my Mum suggested I make a top or dress out of it. I think it is so beautiful to have something so special and something that was a big part of my Nan's life so I want to keep it as the wedding dress for now until I decide something special for it or maybe one day incorporate it into my own wedding dress.

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