Wednesday, 18 February 2015

My First Earrings

Okay so back when I was about nine I got my ear (yes one ear) pierced and well lets say the reason I got only one done was because I couldn't handle the pain. So years later I have been passed on my Great Grandmothers earrings and fell in love with them. I love anything vintage and bohemian (as you may know by now) and the thing that is most exciting about these is.. there clip on. Now I know what your thinking, plastic bejeweled clip on earrings for kids.. nope,these are proper glamorous beauties and I'm slightly in love. I've never accessorized my ears before but boy have I been missing out. I honestly love these and don't know how I've gotten through my life (all 19 years) without earrings. I've experimented a bit with clipping them on different parts of my ear, which is also a bonus of clip on earrings, you can move them around your ear without having to only keep them where your pierced. Now I'm an earring lover and can officially say "do my earrings go with this dress?"

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