Friday, 20 February 2015

Since You've Been Gone

When I heard about Morgan Matson's Since You've been Gone I knew instantly I would love this book and was the perfect Summer read last Summer. The story is about two best friends, one goes away and leaves a to do list for the other to complete. The idea of the list is to make Emily (the main character) go outside her comfort zone and do things she's always been afraid to do. I liked the idea because I'm one to write up a good bucketlist but I am always putting them off saying I'l get round to it some day, but here the idea is to just go for it and live while your young.

Since my best friend moved away we have been writing constantly so I sent her this book along with a list of her own to complete. I loved the idea that it would get her to step out of her comfort zone and live her life to the fullest...also while having some fun. Since then we have been sending each other lists of things to experience and ridiculous things like 'pretend your a robot'. We send our lists in a little green pouch I had so we both know when we see it what to expect and also we add the quote from the book which Emily's friend sends to her, "when you have completed this list, come find me and tell me all about it". I truly love the idea of this story and it has brought me and my bestie even closer.

The dreaded pouch.. when you see this you never know the tasks you have to complete.

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