Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Thrift Store Haul

Working in a thrift shop means I have all day to have a look around and find little items that I love, need or just simply can't pass up because they're such a bargain.  I get a few items every so often and wanted to share some of them here...

 I normally would never go for a roll neck jumper,they've been my meniscus she I was kid but when I seen this one I actually quite liked it. From the warm colour, to the causal pattern I instantly thought of Autumn when I seen it and picture wearing it with black leggings and some ugg boots. I also got this lovely jeggings for like €2, love how they're the casualness of jeans with added extreme softness.

There is slightly a running theme here with the warm jumpers, I'm getting prepped for Autumn/winter and looking for casual warm items for college. I love how simple this gorgeous woolly jumper is and honestly its as warm as it looks

This lacey number is something I wouldn't normally go for but I instantly pictured it with my faux leather jeggings for a night out and I do quite like it now.

 I got this skirt a while back when I was heading off on festival season and loved the pattern and colours but also the strange look like someone has been nifty with a scissors then sewed on the bottom part. I love that you can find random bits like this in thrift stores, and it also makes you give new looks a chance.

At first when I got this dress I had imagined working with it to make maybe a scarf or skirt because I just love the leave and tree patterns on it but then I tried it on and actually quite liked the dress as it is and decided to leave it. 

Lastly I got this absolutely adorable scarf that I love so much. I love the pattern, colour and surprising warmth and again picture wearing this in autumn. 

I honestly love thrift store shopping now and highly recommend it. You never know what you might come across and usually there great bargins so whats not to love.


  1. Nice now where is all this stuff you always complain you're cold 😃

  2. Saving them for winter when Im really really cold 😜

    1. Come under my wing you know I'm always hot 😎 but wear them they look good on you