Thursday, 16 July 2015


I'm so excited about showing you my OTTD because 1. it's my first one ever and 2. I really love this look. Only now while I'm writing up this post I realised everything is from Pennys/Primark except my absolutely class hat (if I must say so myself) which is from Exhibit. The skirt is also from Pennys/Primark originally except I picked it up in a local thrift shop. I really enjoyed coming up with the look and pairing together different shades of black, grey and blue (the shoes are blue unfortunately not black). I love the pleats in the skirt as they exaggerate my (very short) legs and make me appear taller yet still not being to long to walk or making me look to frumpy.
Now I've overcome the trickiness of being in the picture and taking the picture at the same time I'm hoping to do more and more OOTD. So without further adue (okay that is a weird word to write) here is my OOTD....