Sunday, 12 July 2015

Recent Beauty Buys

I've wanted a Stippling brush from the moment I heard about them but they were quite expensive so when I found these in Primark whilst I was in England for just roughly £2 I couldn't believe my luck and got two as I've never seen them available in Ireland and knew I used them up can tell by the pictures which one I'm using. These honestly make such a difference when applying foundation compared to just ordinary foundation brushes, they give you perfect smooth coverage and even complexion I can not recommend these enough. 

After misplacing my eyelash glue I've been looking everywhere for one you can get on its own without getting lashes as I already have a pack of them. So when I found this Eylure lashfix glue in Boots for just €3.45 I was delighted. It does do exactly what it says on the tin (bottle?) and drys clear. It also passed the test of lasting all night and was easy to remove as well. Deffo recommend this one as its a really good sized bottle for the money and its also really good quality.

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  1. I would recommend the more expensive ones as you have less of a chance to burn your eyes and face off 😆