Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Cowboys & Heroes Festival

With the ISPCA we were asked to volunteer at a local American Country Festival which were sponsoring the ISPCA. Both days were quite quiet to be honest, we did face painting, sold raffle tickets that kind of thing... but the night... now that was a different story. We finished at 6pm and luckily enough I had my best friend volunteering with me so we headed back to my house got all dressed up country style.. the check shirts, cowboy hats, boots the lot and then headed back to the festival around 9pm. Now I'm not the biggest country music fan but this was not what I was expecting at all. From about less than 100 people with kids running around all day to 8000 people packed into a horse jumping arena proper mosh pitting at the front, line dancing and going mental at the back and just general madness it certainly changed my mind about country music. Nathan Carter was the headline for tonight and again I was never really into him.. but two seconds on stage changed alllllll of that. I've been to concerts, festival, the lot and have never seen someone perform the way he did. He had a laugh with the crowd from a shout out to all the pensioners to going down into the crowd when someone held up a tissue to mop his brow, he leaped around like running out of energy wasn't a thing to be worried about and the accordion weighed less than a feather  and he went from one song straight into the next after belting it out giving his all. I honestly had one of the best nights. I think thats the way it is the best.. the unexpected nights are the best. We danced and went pure mental all night, we even met Nathan and had a picture and finally as it was all dying down we headed for home at 4am (again unexpected) walking out the road to the line of pick up cars, it felt like being back in the day going home from an old style barn dance.

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