Monday, 27 July 2015

20 Things Before I'm 20 || Update

Back in October I set myself the challenge of 20 things to do before I turned 20 and I've been working on them all year. I've made a few into films on my Youtube channel and will be doing the rest on my blog so keep a look out.. hopefully if I can get the rest done in the next 3 months..

Do an Activity I've always wanted to try

Get a spur of the moment haircut/style

Get a Job outside my interests

Learn to play an instrument

*Visit my best friend Abroad

For the next couple I don't think it counts as cheating to have done them all at the same time but while at all the festivals over summer I've managed to tick of these few..
*Go to a festival... Life festival, Sea Sessions & Bhakti Fest
* Sleep under the stars.. technically I didn't actually sleep but I lay under the stars every night
*Dance in the rain... boy did I do a lot of that, don't think there was actually I time where it wasn't raining as I danced with my mates.
*Meet new people... I can happily say I've met friends for life at all the festivals especially Sea Sessions and will never forget them, not that they'd let me.
*Watch the sunrise... one of the highlights had to be the last night/morning at Life festival when I met a great bunch of people and we sat up all night outside talking until the sun rose on a beautiful day and everyone just paused for a minute to watch it. 

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