Friday, 10 July 2015

Dreams Come True

With work at the ISPCA we were asked if we wanted to take part in a Animal handling and Restraint practical workshop in UCD... now I literally screamed when I got the phone call because UCD is my dream college, it's not somewhere I ever see myself going to but a girl can dream right. They have an amazing Veterinary science block including a Veterinary Hospital and it would just be a dream come true to study there.. you never know though, in the words of Justin Bieber 'Never say Never' (why did I just quote JB!). So when we got to the campus to say I was excited is a huge understatement, I was literally bouncing with excitement and had the biggest grin on my face. We also now found out what it was we were actually at.. UCD Veterinary Hospital Annual Conference. There was loads of stalls around the event hall and I have never been in my element as much anywhere else before. Everyone was asking were we vet students (which I freaking loved)  and were genuinely interested to hear about our Voluntary work. As we arrived only for our talk we didn't realise this was going on all day and so we only had a fee minutes to look around but the ones we did look at were amazing.. We went straight for the Veterinary Hospital stall and much to our delight were given Veterinary Hospital mugs (something I'm going to treasure because it's the nearest I will get to going to this college), we followed the row of stalls around, getting amazing informations and picking up as many leaflets and books as we could, we even picked up veterinary catalogus because we were so excited to be able to look through them.. think of it as a chocoholic being in a chocolate factory. We were called to our talk unfortunately when we had only looked around half the room but we were so excited to be going to an actually lecture in the Veterinary Hospital. I'll be honest I didn't find the talk as great as I was expecting. They basically just talked about what they do on a daily basis, I thought we'd be learning how to improve our work but still it was an experience I will never forget... and hey I can say I studied at UCD because technically I did. It really was a great day from the drive down with all the other volunteers and staff to learning so much and really getting the feeling for college life, I genuinely felt like I was in an American movie going round a College campus. This has me so unbelievably excited for college and to start studying Veterinary.