Monday, 13 July 2015

I want to be a kid again...

Okay okay technically I'm still a teenager but I can still complain right?
The whole 'childhood,school days and youth are the best times of your life' couldn't be more truer and it's now,like always once there over I'm starting to realise. Take Summer holidays.. there was nothing better than being off for three months, getting to hang out with your friends everyday outside school, plan days out to the beach etc and even just spending days in front of the TV, now.. I didn't even realise it was Summer Holidays until there was a sudden influx of kids around town, everyday is the same as its been for the past year. Now it's half way through July and I'm thinking 'what has happened to Summer', yes its hard in Ireland when it's more like the middle of winter outside but I miss the feeling of freedom, of fun and just SUMMER, you understand what I mean right? The ice lollies, the stench of suncream, being up at the crack of dawn so you can fit more into a day and living in a perfect instagram moment all the time with flowers, sand, friends and much much more. I know really life is what you make it and I should go out there and make the most of Summer but I can't help but to reminisce of the good times and the difference Summer is when you're a kid to now as I try to get my learner's permit, save for college and juggle two voluntary jobs.

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