Sunday, 9 April 2017

When your down in a rut

No-one is able to get you out of a rut, but yourself. I've been there I've heard the usual "just calm down" "it'll be okay", yes, of course, they are trying to help, it's just not the type of help you need.
I've had a shitty day, we all have them, people treat you shitty, things aren't working out, it's raining when you wanted to go outside, the toilets blocked, whatever it is that sets you off it doesn't matter, what matters is getting back up (not out of the toilet, just to make myself clear). Today was one of the hardest days I've had in a long time, and okay it wasn't over anything major (a driving lesson I had did not go well at all because the instructor was an ass speaking to me really degradingly and really knocking my confidence.. when my test is in two days) but it was extremely hard none the less. I think its because I've let stress over many things, college, exams, the future, all build up over time and today I just couldn't take it anymore.
My point of this post is to say it's okay to not want to do anything, to lay in bed doing absolutely nothing just lying, there that's okay if that's what you need. The thing to not do is let this go on for a long time obviously and lay there overthinking, but once in awhile, we all need that time to just re-energize. I've been there where getting up was no option for me, that was my life, but now I've got to the stage where I can take the time to myself to just breathe and stop whatever is going through my head and I'm able to get back up. Which I did and feel so much better for doing it.
We all know exercise is good for your whole body including producing what I call 'Happy Hormones' and I know it's always said to people who are down 'just get out and exercise' but that is the last thing you want to do and believe me, I being the Queen of lazy am never one for exercise, (My landlady nearly cried when I told her I actually walked into town), but I have to actually agree with the whole thing about it being a great help because since I did start to push myself to exercise I have felt better. Yeah, today I didn't want to leave my bed, and I didn't until 7pm and had convinced myself 'what was the point'. But behold a great miracle happened and I got the motivation to actually go outside for a walk. I'm not just saying it helped, it really did, and that's all you need, to take your little time to yourself recuperate and get back out there and kick butt at being you.

"The sun goes down and it comes back up, the world it turns no matter what, if it all goes wrong, darling just hold on".

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