Monday, 17 April 2017

I'm a Shadowhunter in my Dreams

Back in the Christmas sales I got the Mortal Instruments book set, yes years later than everyone else but like all those before me I have fallen for the series as bad as Simon fell for Clary (cute but tragic). Demon hunters, werewolf's, vampires, fairy's and so much more, these books take you into a whole new world built by the incredibly talented Cassandra Claire (Judith Rumelt).
A lot of people would be familiar with the film City of Bones but unknown to most, there is actually an online/tv series too and boy did I binge watch all of Season 1 and 2 (the good thing about joining a series late is the fact you don't have to wait for episodes they're all there).
To really sell you guys on this series and really understanding my love for it I'll give you a bit more info on the story (even thought he majority of people probably already know all about it).
Cute, pretty little Clary Fray what could really go wrong with her mundane life in Brooklyn with her best friend Simon, her over-protective mum and her possibly boyfriend Luke. Well it turns out Clary is not a mundane after all and only really learns what a mundane is when she finds out there's a whole other world out there where her and her mum are shadowhunters, people who kill and hunt demons and the then there's the downworlders, vampires (ohhh Raphel), faires, werewolfes (Luke) and more. From then on Clary finds out who she really is and on the way learns a heck of a lot of things.
  Obviously the story lines are amazing but I think its how incredible the actors play the characters that really sells the series for me. Take the majestic Magnus Bane played by Harry Shum Jr. (totally straight and actually married to a woman in real life). Totally convinced that the character we see is extravagantly dressed,  out-goingly gay and produces sparkingly blue magic from his fingertips (okay I'm not selling this series that well but trust me here). You just can't help but feel the realness of the story's behind each character and that is truly what you want from a series isn't it? To not be able to book down a book till its finished or complete a whole season in two days.
Defiantly a series for Vampire Diaries fans or something completely different, give it a go you defiantly won't be disappointed or I shall willingly go before the Silent Brothers for a trail.

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