Monday, 10 April 2017

Don't let anyone ever tell you you can't do something

Its fair to say the pass few days have been tough, seen clearly in my posts basically where I am complaining constantly. But there has finally being some good news and something to lift me back up the confident ladder.... I passed my driving test. After a disastrous lesson two days before the test, where basically the instructor said I shouldn't be driving and left me crying in the car having a panic attack, I pushed myself and I did it and couldn't be more happy.
The thing I learn't over the past few days, no matter what it is in life you are struggling with, no-one, no-one at all can stop you from doing it, but yourself. It is up to you to push yourself to prove to yourself and anyone who has stood in your way that actually you can do it and can do it with a smile.
Yes I did struggle, but along with the help from my parents, boyfriend and best friends I got back up and I did it and look at me now, a 21 year old who has dyslexia, has been told she's stupid, thick, can't do things, etc, I've gone and pushed myself to getting my driving license while in the middle of studying for my final year of college exams, moving out, getting turned down for jobs and generally having a shitty time.
All I can say to anybody, is life truly is what you make it, its up to you to go out there and grab each adventure by the horns and ride with the flow.

How do mums always know? She had this for me, before I even told her I passed. 

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