Thursday, 6 April 2017

BoHo Bedroom Look

With the change of finding myself again I've gone back to my roots and made my bedroom have that earthy, BoHo look which is how I feel most at home with the smell of intense in the air and the dark earthy colors.

What started off the whole BoHo look was finding this gorgeous necklace a friend of mine brought from Kurdistan for me. Now the photo doesn't do justice to the deep dark ruby and colorful jewels but believe me it is stunning and I had the idea to place it over my lampshade to give a statement look to the dark purple of it. I also placed a flower crown I made over it because why not more colors.

Next is my desk which is mainly candles and little sentiments of pictures and quotes I've been given. I added a dark blue shawl with gold stars under neath which really brings it all together. Including dark candles and odd candle holders really gives off the BoHo vibe. 

My favorite part of my room is my little corner shelf that is dedicated to relaxation and calmness. It's where I keep my incense, tarot cards, candles and beautiful mandala pictures my mum made. I got these amazingly cute BoHo candle holders in Penny's a few years ago but they can't actually withstand heat so i don't use them, but they still look so rustic and adding some old flowers that have dried up really makes it all fit together. 

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