Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Bluebell Wood

Totes excite :D okay I am a grown adult let me rephrase that, 'Much delight'. Today I took my first trip in the car by myself as a fully qualified driver. Okay I brought Bobby for moral support so I was the only human in the car.Yes it didn't start perfect as I forgot Bobby's lead so made the grown up decision to stop at the pound shop and pick up one quick then I decided to take off to a local wood that I heard about but never been to and am so glad I did because it was simply beautiful, yet slightly scary, another of my wise ideas, I decided it would be a good idea for me to go alone into a wood in the late evening with a non-aggressive, quite chubby dog who will be no help in defending me from the clowns that live in woods. But behold no clowns but an array (get me being all poetic) of beautiful, yet slightly withered Bluebells. I genuinely thought there was mist on the ground as I came around the corner into the wood until up close I could see it was just thousands and thousands of Bluebells all over the wood ground. I am so gutted I didn't have my camera because it would have been some beautiful sights but I managed to get a few with okayish quality on my phone.

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