Wednesday, 12 April 2017

One and only day on a diet

I'm on a total health fix. I'm not happy with my body, I've put on a lot of weight at college this year and can't fit most of the clothes I own (total Regina George "sweatpants are all that fit me right now" moment) and I'm completely unfit (can't climb stairs and speak at the same time). So with that all in mind I'm determined to put my fitness first by cutting out crappy food and spending more time exercising instead of spending time saying I will exercise.
It was all going well and I was actually starting to get a bit of muscle on my legs and then I decided to listen to someone who recommend I start a cleanse/diet by Forever Living called the F15. Now I'm not totally writing this diet off, it may suit some people, I personally think people who are already fit and working out, but it completely didn't work for me, seeing as I only managed one day. I was determined not to give up and I honestly didn't want to but I was physically sick and couldn't stand with dizziness so I had to stop it, but will not stop working on the progress I was making before.
I was always skeptical about diets and really didn't believe in juice ones where you would replace food and proper eating with just a few 'special' drinks a day and so I made sure before agreeing to pay (way tooo much) for this one I found out all I could about it.
So basically with this diet its all about filling you up with natural fiber, getting a antioxidant cleanse from the Gel (which made me sick) and other supplements included. I just found it all way too much to take in one day and then specially designed meals with certain calories only allowed plus exercising, it takes some dedication.
This might sound perfect to some of you but I really struggled with this diet and it has defo thought me to stick to what I know and whats natural instead of 'specially designed diets'.

One of the only thing I did like about this diet was the Ultra Lite powder that you mix with milk giving you basically a yummy milkshake. 
And on the left is what I didn't like 25g of onion, 80g of pasta, 70g of tomatoes.. to be exact. I really don't agree with all this weighing exactly what you need and sticking to it. 

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