Monday, 2 October 2017

September Favorites- Blogtober Day 2

It's been months possibly years since I done a 'Favorites' post and I'm so excited to get back and make it a regular thing as in the old days of my Youtube channel, I use to love looking back on the videos and see things I used to like.
September means Autumn and what a better time to share what I loved...

First up Fashion:

I have TOTALLY fallen in love with this blue silk skirt (it isn't quite as dark as it is in the photo).
I've got it quite a few years ago on sale in River Island but never had to courage, or right occasion to wear it but since moving I've been experimenting with my style and have moving confidence to try out new things and I'm so glad I did with this little skirt. First of all, it been silk it feels amazing and so light and also it is like a skater skirt so really swooshy and I feel such a girly girl in it. I teamed it with a lace top in this photo for a night out but I also teamed it with a casual tank top and even wore it to college one day. 
Secondly is my boyfriend's denim jacket <3 <3 <3 He obviously looks amazing in it and I fell in love with it. One day struggling to pick an outfit for college I threw this on (sneakily, he was still asleep and had no idea I wore it to college all day, whoopsies)  and loved it even more. I could never find a little jacket that I liked, light yet stylish and cosy, but his is exactly what I was looking for although a tad big... he's over 6ft, I'm 5ft 3. I see so many girls going round in denim jackets at the minute and love the style, felt so stylish in this and even had compliments for it. 

Next up is Films:
I actually saw quite a few films this month before the mayhem of college work started and then actually a few in the evenings to take a break from college. I might do a separate post giving my reviews of all the films as this will be a long one for you guys to read. Some of what I saw Valerian and the City of Thousand Plants, Baby Driver, Kingsman and Losers. 
As it's the favourite post I shall try and pick my favourite out of them all, which I think would have to be Kingsman and The Golden Circle. I know, not my typical kind of film but actually left the cinema laughing my head off after really enjoying it. 

Favorite Foods

The first foodie this month is this amazing coconut & rapeseed oil spread from Aldi. It's a new product they both in and it's actually quite cheap I think it was like 50c a tub which is amazing for a health product. Everyone knows alternatives to butter are packed full of the good stuff and this one actually tastes really good too. I had mine on crackers with some tomatoes and lettuce, and it makes the perfect snack or lunch. 

My next foodie favourite has become an obsession. My boyfriends Latvian and I've been introduced to some amazing new foods since meeting him. I know sunflower seeds are quite a common thing and you would think I had known about this before but nope never seen them like this and am only now starting to get the hack of popping them open in one go. We get ours normally from Lituanica shops but gutted there's none around here until we found this massive pack in a nearby polish shop. Along with them was the salted version which my Kurdish friend also introduced me to and they are beyond obsessive. 

Favourite Books
100% no doubt about it my favourite books this month are the Infernal Devices series by Cassandra Clare. Many people again probably know this series as I'm quite late onto the bandwagon. Of course, they are a follow-up (but set before) to The Mortal Instruments series, which I went well into detail here. I saw these books secondhand through a World of Books website (while shopping for someone else) and couldn't resist adding them to my collection and I can not explain how amazing they are, I mean they are HUGE and I read them all within a month, but you must read them that is an order.  Also, I really recommend World of Books as they have such a huge range of books and great bargains, and I didn't know but the Clockwork Princess I got was actually a collectors edition and has a family tree pull out.. which is much needed as all the links with families get confusing. 

That's it for my September favourites, looking forward to October and all the Halloween favourites.
Let me some of your favourite things over the month, in the comments below. 

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