Saturday, 7 October 2017

Autumn Photography- Blogtober Day 7

Autumn is all about the colors, oranges, reds, browns, the last pop of color before the white of Winter. If there's any time of the year you're going to get out in nature and take some photos, nows the time. I don't know if its just me, but everything looks so more real, breathtaking and beautiful in Autumn.  This time of year is when you appreciate everything, coming up to Christmas your appreciating family, but in Autumn it's time to appreciate the world we're in and how naturally beautiful it is. I think its the fact that we know this season doesn't last, I know all seasons change but we may have some sun in winter, some cold weather in summer whereas with Autumn this is the one time of year (in Ireland anyway) where we have a whole season for just three months and then it moves on, you have to appreciate it while it's here.These leaves we see changing colors and blowing on the ground, they will move on making way for snowflakes and the chilly mornings and sunny evenings, they will pass for cold harsh winter mornings and dark evenings, we're really seeing the outdoors at it's finest right now. Don't get me wrong I love the snowy landscapes and sunny beaches just as much, but Autumn just does something to me, it makes me appreciate everything including the beautiful nature outdoors.
Along my way, passing Autumn daily I've taken my time to really look at my surroundings and appreciate what's in front of me. And because of the beautiful sights, I couldn't help getting some photos of nature at its finest. I also included some photos of food that caught my eye and made me think of the Autumn colors.

At the beginning of September, we took a trip to a local park and it was so beautiful with the leaves beginning to change color. I can't wait to go back now and see how it's grown. 

As the sunset at the top of the park, the oranges of the leaves made a golden ring around the green area.

Even the grass was such a vibrant color and left our prints behind in. 

On our walk home I noticed this incredible tree with such vibrant red berries

I was cutting up some yellow peppers and onions and thought how Autumny they looked so decided to gather other natural foods into the picture.

I walk this path every day onto the college campus and it gets more and more beautiful as the days pass and the leaves grow, change and fall. Every morning I'm met with this beautiful sight that surprises me again and again at how amazing the colors and nature is.   (this photo does not do justice to how beautiful it is, but how lucky are we students who met this walkway every morning.)

I may add some more to this post or create similar picture posts as I really super do love Autumn as you can probably tell by now. 

Autumn, The Years Last Loveliest Smile- William Cullen Bryant 

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