Thursday, 19 October 2017

Autumn Look Book- Blogtober Day 19

Ever since I first got involved with the blogger universe, (throwback to my old Youtube days) I have wanted to do a lookbook after seeing amazing videos from different YouTubers putting their own twist on it. I think how much fun you can have and having totally unlimited potential of how it goes makes it so exciting. So when I finally moved with my personal photographer (my boyfriend, who regrets ever agreeing to take part in this) I made this a priority for Autumn as we discovered an amazing park which at this time of year was BURSTING with Autumness.  
Now bare in mind I'm one of the most socially awkward people so this was a big thing for me to do in a public area but I just really like sharing how I style Autumn.  Towards the end of September, we headed off (a 40-minute walk help) to find this park with heels and makeup in the bag. I can not explain how beautiful this park is I have about 200 pictures of the place, as at the time the leaves were changing colors and still the sun shone through the trees. We were quite lucky with the evening time being a bit quieter but still, we had to keep stopping because I couldn't pose in front of people (totes redding). We did have great fun messing around with different shots and my boyfriend pretending he was a professional paparazzi, although attempt two back to the park in another outfit didn't go to plan because of too many people around and attempt three we got so lost trying to find this other park that it was starting to get dark as we got there and also it was up the biggest hills ever, but that meant brilliant photos. I had soooo many plans for lots and lots of outfits but with the parks so far away and lots of mayhem going on I'm afraid I only got two looks, but I do love how they turned out. 
So with all that in mind I will stop yapping and share my LookBook. 

Look 1 is my go-to Autumn outfit.  I live in this gorgeous red skirt this time of year because of the pop of color and how cozy it is. This peter pan collar top is again one of my faves as its so cozy but has a nice detail to it, it also has a long velvet drape at the back but I have it tucked in here.
 I actually picked up the skirt from a charity shop I worked in a few years back and the top was from Pennys/Primark.
I paired the outfit my fave ever shoes, my boots from Pennys. I use these way too much for my own good. For a girl that struggles to walk in heels but is 5ft 3, these are a must. There so comfy to walk in and I love how stylish they are and go with most outfits, I like to change up the girly outfit with a bit of punk chic. I also added a pair of tights because it's practically winter here in Ireland and a beautiful necklace that belonged to my auntie and is the perfect Autumn rose. 
I kept my makeup very minimal here (as I had to do that long walk) and just went with a pop of red lippy and some mascara.

Look Two is one where it may be too much patterns... but really can you ever have too much. 
Starting from the top, my favorite ever fashion piece, my bowler hat from Exhibit. I picked this up a few years back and thought it was the cutest thing ever for that extra statement piece and really suits Autumn. Next, I have some chokers from Pennys, the colors and textures really give me Autumn thoughts (I've only now noticed the hearts upside down, but I'm sure you still see how cute they are) and a printed scarf from Penny's that has the perfect Autumn colors. Starting off the outfit I have a cute leave printed dark colored tank top, I know what your thinking, aren't you frozen? but wait till we get to the cardigan. It's from exhibit but I originally picked it up in the charity shop and it is SO SUPER warm its crazy, everyone officially has to invest in a granny sweater. Next is my favorite little skirt (I think I said the other was my favorite, oops). I love the skater skirt and this pleather one from River Island is a serious style statement. I teamed all this with plain trainers to keep it casual. 

I really enjoyed making my first Look Book, what do you guys think? what are some of your favorite Autumn outfit pieces? Let me know in the comments below. 
 Miss T <3 


  1. The park you chose for your outfit photos is lovely, and both of the outfits you styled look beautiful! I love both of those pretty skirts! The sweater in the first outfit looks pretty styled with the black shirt collar showing. The prints on the top, cardigan and scarf in the second outfit are all very pretty and complement each other beautifully. The bowler hat is a nice addition to the look. I love your two OOTD lookbook!

    1. Thank you so much for your kind comment means so much 💕

    2. Thank you so much for your kind comment means so much 💕