Sunday, 8 October 2017

Autumn Fashion Essentials- Blogtober Day 8

Along with Autumn makeup essentials, which I wrote about here, of course, you need the Fashion Essentials which is what we waited all year for. Soon as that first chill hits you at the beginning of September your whipping out all the warm jumpers and cardigans in mustard tones and Aztec patterns, along with light scarfs and stylish boots. I think every gal can distinguish between whats for Autumn and whats for Winter, it's just like a natural switch in the back of our minds that flashes when we see something and know its more for winter. We know our Autumn colors are anything dark, orange-red tones that are more cozy than wooly, Autumn is chilly but hopefully, our heavy wools don't need to come out until Winter. Minimal patterns are the key for Autumn, its all about the block statement colors, you want to rock that bright mustard jumper you rock it girl. 
Examples of some of my go-to Autumn jumpers are my deep marron jumpers, one with a black Peter Pan collar for an added effect, a gorgeous white cardigan with warm Autumcoloreded patterns on the back and sleeves and a cozy plain orange-brown jumper that I always throw on as an extra layer just for that pop of colour. 
I also added in at the end just as an example, my big cozy cardi that's a bit more Wintery as its white with the patterns you would recognize on causal Christmas jumpers.

As with every Season, accessories are included. Scarfs are one of the biggest accessories with Autumn as the air gets chillier you do actually need one not solely for being a fashion statement. I use this one pictured as my main go-to Autumn scarf because of the warm maroon, orange and blue tones with white patterns. Its also quite light that it gives you warmth but not to the excess of a big wooly winter scarf. I got mine from Penny's a few years ago.

Chokers are everywhere right now and I actually only picked up my first ever only recently. I got this gorgeous pack of 6 in Pennys but I picked out these two solely for Autumn as they again have the warm brown tones. 

With jewellery, I went with (again) some darker toned pieces. I have a stunning dark brown flower necklace and beautiful rose necklace which both bring flowers into the outfit but not too Summary. I also have a massive statement owl piece which I always wear over plain jumpers to add a bit more to an outfit. 

For rings I picked out darker bronze toned pieces, going with the warm theme. As I don't have my ears pierced I was over the moon to find this incredible pack of ear cuffs in Primark in England a few years ago. They are getting more popular and I'm sure theres, even more, varieties of them available, but for this, I picked out one that was leaf-shaped and another that had bronze patterns. 

As with the makeup, everyone has their own style and personality, this is just a piece of mine and what I go for in Autumn. Do you have any essential pieces you can't make it through Autumn without? 

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