Friday, 6 October 2017

Autumn Date Night- Blogtober Day 6

I think for everyone Autumn is about coziness, it certainly is for me anyway, and date night is the perfect night to embrace that.  We've made a pact to have a date night once a week because of me being gone from 8-6 every day with college, then working and straight to bed, we're not spending much time together, so date night is a must. Bare in mind we are living on an extreme student budget so these date nights are free or cost very little and are super simple to do, it only takes something small to make it special. 
So with all that in mind, I give you my must-try Autumn Date Night. 

We're all big kids at heart and I don't think anyone would turn down the opportunity to build a  blanket fort. I had this idea to build a fort as we did it before for Valentine's day and had great fun building it together and then relaxing with a movie in it, and then I thought what a better thing to do during Autumn as its a chilly evening in the middle of October in Ireland nothing beats being indoors. Picture loads of layers of blankets, cinnamon scented candles scenting the air and warm buttery popcorn.. could it be more Autumny? 

Before (don't ya love our rented accommodation carpet?) 

After (the candles are OUTSIDE the fort do not worry)

Of course, the structure of the fort depends on your space and how good your childhood skills in this area are, just remember this is 'date night' and have fun with it, don't let it cause an argument when he thinks he has a qualification in construction and you imagine yourself as an interior designer.  We used our couch and chairs as props to drape the blankets over and turned around one of our chairs to place the laptop in, it actually all fit quite perfectly in the end. 

To decorate our little fort, we added candles on the outside and a red lava lamp for some light and to make it even cozier we added a spare duvet on the floor to sit on, some pillows and a blanket over us. 

Lastly all you have to do to make the perfect Autumn Date Night is cook some fresh warm popcorn, grab an extra blanket (I mean you can never have enough), find the perfect Autumny movie (we watched Kingsman, not very Autumny but great) and lie back and relax while the rain beats at the window and your tucked up in the arms of your lover (too much?) in your homemade fort. 

Do you have some of your own must-try Autumn date night ideas? and do let me know if you build your own fort. 

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