Tuesday, 3 October 2017

Autumn Make Up Essentials- Blogtober Day 3

For me, Autumn is all about warm tones and this time of the year would be the main time I would actually colour coordinate my makeup with a season because the colours popping on your face puts your whole Autumn look together. Oranges, Reds, Browns, basically all the leaf colours were seeing along the paths, on your eyes and lips, there our go-to Autumn colours and look. 

 As I have blue eyes I've always been told orange toned eyeshadow is my colour and when I really want to make my eyes pop it's my go-to colour, so Autumn is even more of my favourite because of this. My Body collection palette is my main Autumn, it has all the dark warm tones that a girl could need. 
I would normally start with a brightish orange on my lid, working a dark brown into the crease and darker brown into the corner and it gives a gorgeous Autumn smokey eye.

Of course, Autumn means deep dark popping lipsticks. I think every girl has that go-to red lipstick that puts their whole look together. But lately (thanks to our girl Kylie) dark plums and marroons are becoming a statement look, and what better time to whip them pouts out than Autumn where they will match all those woolly jumpers and hats.  Using red for my first time was daunting as its such a pop of colour but once you master the red you then get the confidence to try more colours and it's totally worth it. I would now say dark plum or red colours are one of my favourites to wear. 
The Colours I have picked out for Autumn are a dark brown from Active, Deep Red from Technic Colour Mix, Majesty Matt from P.S at Primark, and two Rimmel Londons 620 & 880. 

Along with all those pops of colour, of course, we need 'da highlight thou'. Everything about Autumn is warm, and bronzer couldn't be made more perfect for just this season. Dark tones of foundation and bronzer, that you wouldn't have in Spring or Summer, again make the whole of your Autumn look fit together. Also adding that bit of highlight on your nose, cheekbones and other places you like gives us the glow of a new season. My freaking amazing bronzer and highlight set is from Sunkissed and called Sculpt and Glow. 

So they are my must-have Autumn makeup essentials. I really enjoyed making this post as it's my first ever flat lay photos and organising and laying everything out, theming it all with Autumn was so interesting... And then sorting through the 200 photos to find the right four. 
I hope you enjoyed this post, 
What are your must-have makeup pieces for Autumn? Leave me a comment below. 

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