Saturday, 14 October 2017

Autumn Night Routine- Blogtober Day 14

What better season to start getting comfy than Autumn right?
I have a 30-minute walk home from college in the evenings so all I want to do is straight into my jammies and into bed.. but first I do have a routine. I've done my post along with a collab from the wonderful Amy check out her amazing and fun routine here 

We start off by me and my boyfriend cooking up dinner together, usually, stews lots of veg (vegetarian over here) and as warm and nutritious as possible, quite like last nights dish of Pena Zuppa, a Latvian dish of milky pasta that is soooooo good.

I then torment myself for hours doing college work before finally giving up and totally relaxing in an overly bubbled up bubble bath with candles and a book and sometimes even a hot chocolate for more relaxation,  until the water goes cold.

I use Radox muscle soak for extra relaxation and the best bubbles, the Candles are from Penny's and have lasted me so long and smell so good. 

Then, of course, the thing I've been looking forward to all day, Pajama time. Before bed, I lather on my E45 moisturizer as this time of year its a must with the cold air. Then I light some gorgeous sandalwood scented incense, real Autumny.  I have the snuggliest Piglet pajamas (yes I'm almost 22 why? ) I was given as a gift and a huge blanket officially named Cuddles because it's super soft and cozy from Penny's/Primark.

We usually watch a movie in the evenings totally relaxing then I might read for a little while before eventually getting some Z's.

What are your routines for Autumn? any essentials that you must do on this chilly evenings?
Let me know in the comments below and don't forget to check out lovely Amy's post. 

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