Thursday, 7 September 2017

Our First Apartment

Along with the excitement of going to college, we are also moving.

This is mine and Richards first place together and it's an adorable little apartment on the top floor right in the center of town close to everything, it couldn't have worked out better... finally something that does, as we were just waiting for that thing that always goes wrong to happen.

Our landlord had a few of his own things left in the house including some books and when I asked him about them he said he goes by a motto 'a home without books, is like a body without a soul' and the books are ours to read and use. Which I mean could this be any more perfect for this self-named book nerd over here?
Being the proper adults that we are we while also being on student budgets, we went around places to find the best bargains and came away with new bedclothes, saucepans etc at great deals and came out of each shop high fiving as we nailed the system (Homeware Haul post to follow soon).

I know with all places they don't feel right until you have your own things in place and that definitely happened with us as soon as we tidied up and moved our things (up 6 flights of stairs) it felt so cozy and really like home already and can really feel us being happy here.
Here are our before and after photos of how we made the place our own (before being the ones with date stamps on the photos.

With college just a 20 minute walk away, all the shops just outside our window
and finally a double bed for us (no more squished in a single bed) I really feel like this move is for the better and we're going to have an exciting two years here.

I've lots of posts planned such as homeware hauls and apartment tours if you're interested in the future don't forget to follow me on Bloglovin, I'd love to hear some ideas on how to decorate a small apartment on a budget if any of you have any tips let me know in the comments below <3


  1. That motto 'a home without books, is like a body without a soul' is really a beautiful one :) Your landlord seems nice especially after saying that.

  2. I actually only learnt today the qoute is actually from Circro 😛 isn't he lovely were really lucky hope it stays that way 😄 thanks for the comment 💕