Monday, 18 September 2017

My first day of College

This was it, the big day that I have been dreaming about for many years.. and it completely and even more, lived up to my expectations. 

I've wanted to do Veterinary Nursing, go to an actual college and be a qualified Vet Nurse for as long as I can remember and even though I just had my first day, I still can't believe its actually happening. 
I have done two years of courses previously, which I refer to as college as I did stay in student accommodation and had the college lifestyle, see my slightly embarrassing college post here. But for me, this is real college its an actual degree and it's in a huge Institue of Technology, and it's very scary but exciting. It's been a challenge for me to get here as I missed my last two years of secondary school and then did two PLC courses, but whats important is I am here... and loving it. I was selected for advanced entry into 2nd year, as I had done my two years PLC, so this means I am in with people that know each other for a whole year and have already made great friends, and it was one of my worries about joining, although I and a good friend of mine were very lucky as we were both in the same PLC college last year and were both selected for this course in LYIT so at least were not totally alone and lost.
It was a huge deal for me to walk into a massive college (3000 students) and a large class of students (32) but I did it and had the most interesting day...

It started off practically running for 25 minutes to college, even though I was up an hour and a half early I still managed to be late. And then not knowing where the room was and being 20 minutes late, but I made it to my now favorite class ever! 
 I know what you're going to say, this is what we do in college? play with teddies and pretend they're real! but no this was just introduction/revision for the first day and a little bit of fun between the mad busy lectures ( I already have 6 A4 pages of notes and 5 handouts. This was only the first day and there is already SO much information and studying today, I guess I should have expected this as a science/nursing degree. 

Me and my lost buddy went the whole day without interacting with the other classmates as they all really kept to themselves and we're so excited to reunite with their friends that they didn't really pass much head of us, until the very last class of the day...

Professional, Regulatory and Ethical studies... ugh. The minute I saw this I thought this is going to be my sleepy time class but surprisingly was actually very interesting as we were thought by a lovely new teacher who is actually a registered Vet Nurse herself so she can show us her own opinions and examples of experiences she had.  As the title may explain, this is more of a talky class where people give their opinions and debates ( I think every course has one of those communication type modules) and we were split into groups of 8 for this. I was separated from my buddy which was great for both of us as by ourselves we had to interact more and the group of girls I was with were so lovely introducing themselves to me, asking about me and helping fill me in on the things I missed from 1st year. Turns out some are actually from my hometown and will be doing work placement with me so it's great getting to know them now.

It turned out to be a really fun class and even more importantly I got to talk to the others and meet some great girls who I hopefully will get closer to in the two years (and have some going out buddies). I left class walking through campus ( which  I dreamed about while watching college movies) with a beaming smile (which probably won't last for long with study stress) as I am doing something I am completely 110% interested in and after finally meeting some nice people.

I hope to update the blog on my college journey as I go. What are your expereinces with college? I'd love to hear your stories (even the wild nights) let me know in the comments below.

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