Saturday, 30 September 2017

My weeks in Photos 18th-29th

There are two reasons this post includes two weeks, the first being COLLEGE!!! 

I started college on the 18th of September and its been one big ole ball of stress since as the work was piled on since the first day. Of course there are some classes I love, and some I very much want to stuff in a box and send off to sea.. Professional, Regulatory and Ethical Studies I'm looking at you... but that's part of learning isn't it and we have to just keep swimming... through the mountain of paperwork.

Thing's have finally come together in our new home with everything working as it should (please don't say I just jinxed it) and we're finally completely settled in, the curtains are hung up, we've done our first washing and Rich even finally got time to fix his old lava lamp... and then to sit mesmerized by it for hours. 

I'm learning things I have dream't about learning for years. Since I was a kid I wanted to be a Vet Nurse and thanks to dear little Tabitha I've been practicing lots of new techniques. And I also got my first experience in a proper lecture hall.... it was boiling.

As September moved on, I finally got the first glimpses of Autumn on this beautiful walkway onto campus which I actually love passing each day as it is so cute and I also seen this magnificent tree on my way to college, how amazing are the colors? and the way it is slowly fading out.. ombre colors to die for.  I also am getting back to having my big old hearty bowl of porridge and chia seeds mix for breakfast which couldn't be more autumny. 

The second reason this post includes two weeks is because of us being complete fools. We locked ourselves out of our apartment.. on a Sunday evening at 8pm.. without our phones. It was an adventure, to say the least. We called into a local hotel to use their phone and rang every locksmith in the county but of course, none were working that late on a Sunday. So the hotel kindly gave us a discount to stay the night. And so when we finally got into our apartment all that was called for was this amazing pizza from Iceland.

This week was also Freshers Week and us being optimistic, we got wristbands which would get you some discounts and free into clubs. Our first night out in our new place... what could go wrong.... everything. The fools at the club wouldn't let us in said that the wristbands were for another week (it literally says the dates on it) so we got some food and just went home had great chats and drinks at home. The rest of the week I was sick and so overwhelmed with college work so we didn't even try to go out. We used our wristbands instead to have a breakfast in a cafe and get a free cinema ticket instead. 

Its been two hectic weeks ending in me been dosed with the full... here's to next week. 

How did your week go? Any dramas like ours? let me know in the comments. 

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