Sunday, 17 September 2017

My Week in Photos 11th-17th August

This has been one mad crazy week as we moved, and found ourselves in disaster after disaster... 

Starting off with a dislocated jaw and four hours waiting in the hospital.

Major problems with the new apartment and no electricity to have hot water or cook... until four days later we finally got to cook our first dinner (was freaking delicious if i must say so myself), Kurdish style turnip cooked with tea bags,  and have a hot bath (extra bubbles), the thing that was taunting me since we moved as we've only showers at home and couldn't wait to relax in a bath.

From there on things got much better... yummy salads became a daily occurrence, we would usually go out for the morning and do shopping for the last of the things we needed and then came home and cooked up this hearty lunch and then there was major lie-ins ( I'm taking 3pm here), the perks of not being back to college yet.  

Towards the middle of the week, I really started to notice Autumn arriving and think I expressed that in my outfit. 

After walking 30 minutes to Aldi (and back) we treated ourselves to a major treat- yo -self -movie night. We re-watched the Perks of Being  A Wallflower (I baled) and then watched a comedy called Losers which was hilarious (just what we needed after the emotional tugging of POBAWF). 

Lastly this evening, again after a really big lie in, we wanted to explore our new town while it was such a nice day and we took a 4km walk around (I am now on able to move my legs) some beautiful sights of old cathedrals and right out to a beautiful town park and home again. 

I love the idea of keeping a short and sweet picture diary each week to look back on in the future, what are your opinions? do you keep a diary or take each day as it comes and look forward to the next?  


  1. Salads are yummy. Those look good. A dislocated jaw sounds super painful though. The left side of my jaw has popped out of socket numerous times in the last few years. (It started after having my wisdom teeth out, so I'm thinking they popped my jaw out while I was under in order to open my mouth wider, which I heard they have to do sometimes). Fortunately I was able to snap it back in, but it hurts pretty bad when that happens. I also can't move my mouth to open/close it when it pops out of socket, so that's rather scary too.

    1. Dayum dentist is what happend to me too, although thankfully wasn't getting my wisdom teeth out, just a filling, I was numb for so long after and when it wore off I was in agony, thinking it was just the filling I left it about 4 days then finally went to the hospital but at this stage had popped in back in myself, still very sore though. Gosh I hope it doesn't happen to you often it's very uncomfortable.
      Thank you for your comment 💕