Friday, 22 September 2017

My OOTD all Week for College

As I've mentioned quite a few times, I'm not the biggest of girly girls and wouldn't normally dress up or wear makeup on a daily basis, BUT starting college I said to myself I was going to use the nice clothes I have (and not just keep them for 'the right occasion', we all do it right?)  to make more of an effort with my style. Also, I think starting college where there are literally thousands of people, is the perfect time to experiment with your style and be adventurous (just you know, also legal, we're not talking mankinis here) trying new things to either stand out or fit in. So without further ado here's my first week at college attempting to be stylish...

(just a little FYI, these were all taking on my phone as I rushed out the door late for class so they aren't the best of quality). 

Day One's outfit was very simple as I am studying Veterinary Nurse I wasn't at all sure what I should wear on my first day thinking we could possibly be in labs so I went for a very casual look. I wore one of my favourite go-to tops with a lace-up front and lace pattern on the back, teamed with casual leggings and a cardi. 

The detail on this top is what makes it go from a go-to casual top to a dressy top which is perfect for classes as you want to be comfortable yet dressy. I actually got all of this outfit from Penny's/Primark, which scarcely shows my obsession with that store. 
I included the back detail in the second picture but don't be alarmed, I am Irish but I am not that pale, its taken on a white background as you know, I can't physically take a picture of it on my own back, so instead raided my boyfriend's wardrobe for a white top background. 

Day Two is one of my favourites as I had experience of what the other girls and gals wore to college/class and started to feel more experimental, although it's still rather simple. Again with this outfit, it's all about comfort (I had a 9-6 day of lectures) and I swapped over to narrow fit woolly leggings (Penny's you are a delight for your leggings) and this time added an even more dressy top. I'm not actually sure where this is from as it's a hand-me-down from my old landlady (who was a legend and gave me three huge bags of clothes to choose from) but again I love the detail. This top is all about flowyness and I don't know how else to explain, but the 'wings' are the main statement part of the top. I love how when I moved my arms I had this flowy look and also was super comfy as it had a warm sewn-in tank top underneath. 

I went with my statement hairdo, of a platted fringe (the only plat I can do) and added a very light little jacket I picked up on sale in Penny's a while back which is incredibly light but really adds to an outfit with the pop of green and gold linings around the neck and wrists. 

Day Three was when I really got confident and went with a dress. I've seen sooooo many girls in amazingly styled outfits either dresses or perfectly matched tops and skirts and I thought today you know I'm going to wear my favourite dress shirt thingmabob (its a quite short dress that looks like a top). I usually style this with my black bowler hat but left the darn thing back in my home home (not my college home) so instead I added plenty of accessories and went with my big owl statement necklace and more of a plan trainers ( I normally wear big black & pink sporty trainors because I have to walk 30 mins to college) along with tights because A. it's short and more importantly B. its damn cold. And of course it be Ireland and the day I choose to wear a dress, it was pouring rain so I added in my light RiverIsland jacket which again I picked up in a sale (RI sales are the only time I actually enter that shop as normally above my price tag but they do a sale well). 

Day Four I felt more autumny and by this stage was wrecked and wanted comfy warm jumpers so I picked this deep maroon one again from my seriously stylish ex-landlady. What really drew me to this top was the Peter Pan collar which I'm a sucker for as they really make an outfit pop, along with this long silky material that hangs over the bum &  tum (just where I need it to cover). I went back to my basic black leggings with this outfit as this day was all about comfort (another 9-6 day). 
I did my hair in a little half up bun which I'm really starting to love as a style because it's so simple to do and is a cute little hairstyle that saves just sticking to plain hair everyday. 

In case you're wondering about the Halloween stickers, I'm blocking out my weird claw-shaped hand that happens when I take a selfie, it happens to us all right? 

Just a little P.S the weather was absolutely gorgeous this day and I was roasting in this jumper.. just my luck. 

So that was my weekly OTTD, I'm only in college four days a week (thank the gods for being off Fridays), so thankfully only have to come up with four outfits, pyjamas all weekend. But I did quite enjoy putting together my outfits and look forward to planning some more.

What are your go-to college/school/work outfits? let me know in the comments <3 

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