Wednesday, 30 August 2017

Besties Baby Shower

From the moment my best friend told me she was pregnant, I've been thinking about throwing her a baby shower, looking up ideas on Pinterest and planning it all and today was finally the day it all happened <3
As my bestie is Kurdish, her and her family didn't even know what a baby shower was so it made it extra special to be able to treat her to one. I haven't seen my friends in a good while so this was a great time for a good catch up and also celebrate our little boy arriving soon.
I went OTT on decorating because I do love me some crafting and couldn't help it with all the cute ideas I found on Pinterest... beware prepare to become broody girls, baby fever is real.

The first thing I made was something I saw quite a lot of and thought it was a super cool idea not only does it make an interesting decoration it also is a gift as it is a supply for the mamma to start with. 
These diaper cakes are sooo cute and so simple to make turning a bunch of nappies, some little towels/face cloths and bubble baths, shampoos anything you like, into a lovely little decoration. 
I rolled up all the nappies and secured them with hair bobbins (lots of hair bobbins) then tied the ribbon around them to hold them in the circle and then took off the hair bobbins (girl gotta hang on to them hey) 

Next were some little games and interactions as we blindfolded each other and had to guess the (gross) baby food. Then a competition to select a date you think the little one is going to arrive on and finally leaving some notes for baby and mama. 

I made a little pamper gift set for mama to be as we all now new mums need some pampering.
( the ready to pop sign in this photo was meant to go on a bag of popcorn, but I forgot the popcorn)

I also made some little photo booth props but we ended up just laying them on the table as a decoration (ain't nobody taking photos of us not prepared) along with a cute idea I seen for baby boy showers was to fill toy trucks with snacks. I searched every local shop for this truck and finally found the dumper truck one I needed, 

Lastly, my favorite decoration was a baby clothes line. Seeing the itty bitty clothes and socks hanging around the room really top of the baby shower feel and whats great again about this 'decoration' is it is also a gift as then the mama has the clothes to keep after. 

I am totally swooning over all the cuteness and wanting to dress up a little person, but I'm gonna have to stick to just throwing parties for a little person for now. 

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