Monday, 8 December 2014

BLOGMAS Day 8: Traditional Christmas

For me Christmas is all about the traditions. I think every family have their usual set of things they do each year. Although there is some changes, we are older now, every year there's always the same things. For starters every year on the 8th of December we put up our Christmas decorations (take them down the 8th of January). Every Christmas Eve we would gather in my Nan's house and have a mini party and give each other our presents. It was always the best because it would normally be snowing and on the way home we'd always say we could see Santa's sleigh. We'd always start Christmas day the same. Super Early. We would all bring our presents and stockings into my parents room and open them together then 'Santa' used to hide our presents around the house starting with always a toothbrush and paste in the bathroom, working our way to the kitchen. In the kitchen though the real fun began because 'Santa' was a right messy fella and would knock things over and spill the milk, then there's Rudolph who would leave dirty hove prints everywhere. Back in the old day we used to go to Christmas mass in the village and then would run back home to open the rest of Santa's presents. Then it would be the long day of passing time watching Christmas movies till Dinner. Now what we do is sleep in till about 12, still find 'Santa's presents, have a nice family breakfast then watch endless movies till Dinner. After dinner we would all do the washing up so we could spend the rest of the day opening our presents from other friends and family, plus eating a lot of sweets. I really love Christmas traditions I think its what makes it a special holiday.

Do you have any Christmas traditions ?? let me know in the comments below.

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