Thursday, 18 December 2014

BLOGMAS Day 18 : Shop sinanagans

All I needed after a 4am start yesterday was a double shift in the Charity shop today, I stupidly said I'd cover for someone on top of my own shift. I actually had a really fun day though. To start off some kids from the local primary school were in the market yard (where the shop is) doing a carol session and they attracted quite a crowd. Being there for the whole day I organised the place from top to bottom, putting clothes into categories, labeling them, pricing them, folding them then finally everything looked fine to my eye. Between all that I had a busy day with lots of customers getting the last of their Christmas presents. Everyone was so in the Christmas spirit and I had the Cd on to sing -a-long to all day, although I had only one Cd with about six songs on it so these were on repeat constantly and I did learn to block it out after awhile. It was my last day in the shop before Christmas and the New Year so after packing up and saying goodbye to all the stall holders, wishing them a Merry Christmas I am quite in the festive spirit too. Don't ya just love Christmas.

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