Friday, 12 December 2014

BLOGMAS Day 12: Winter is a coming

WOOO woke up to the best sight.. SNOW. Even if it was only an inch thick, but it was prettyful. Today I dawned the hat, scarf and gloves from winter pasts and headed up to the ISPCA to volunteer for the day. When I got there though there wasn't a sign of snow so I didn't really get to have a fun snow day.. yet. I was on Cattery today which pretty much goes the same as always. Clean the cats, feed the cats, water the cats, give meds to the cats, feed the cats, water the cats, clean the cats, feed the cats...put the cats to bed. In between all this I cleaned the rabbits and canaries, took pictures of some dogs for adoption profiles and brought four boarder collie puppies for their first adventure outside. Two of the four went brilliant, one isn't a fan of the outdoors and the other was a wanderer. It was quite a quiet day so don't have much to tell on that basis although I have some very exciting news to do with the ISPCA that is happening next Wednesday.. I'll keep it a secret for now.. keep the suspense.

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