Saturday, 20 December 2014

BLOGMAS Day 19 + 20: Sleep deprived

Today I was back volunteering at the ISPCA for the day along with a great new friend I met who is also a volunteer, Kate. We were on Cattery and once we had that done were asked to clean a room. The things is though when you ask me and Kate to clean something expect it polished, organised, categorized, labelled and to be fair looking brand new. Our idea of cleaning is to take absolutely everything out of the room and put them back in order. And boy did we do that. This took us pretty much five hours but we had our Santa hats on, the music blasting and had a great time. When we finally got finished and made sure to put a giant note on the door saying 'touch or mess anything and you die' we headed back to Kate's and I spent the night at hers. We watched Frozen, FINALLY only a year late I can finally say I have seen it and I am a changed person. Then we watched Bad Neighbors which was absolutely hilarious. Thing with us is, we didn't just sit watching these films like normal people they had to be paused constantly whenever we had to tell each other something, or when we randomly took her dog up to play the piano, or when we sang to loud to actually hear what was going on in Frozen or when we just plain fell asleep at 5.30am.  It was a great night but the reason we had the sleepover was because she was volunteering on the 20th as well so we thought it would be fun for us to be in together again and so it began another day at the ISPCA with 4 hours sleep. We were giving another room to clean (shouldn't have done such a good job on the first) and we literally spent all day on it and I swear the room has never looked so clean. We found out there was a sink in the room (news to us) and also there was this strange thing called a 'floor' in the room. Anyway it was some weekend and all I need right now is roughly a weeks sleep.

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