Tuesday, 16 December 2014

BLOGMAS Day 16 : Christmas Party with the kids

Finally got back volunteering in the Youth Cafe today and I was welcomed by a colorful sight, the whole cabin is decorated in Christmas decorations and the table was laid out for a Christmas dinner for the kids. It was the last day of term so we were sending them off with a bang (and on lots of sugar, so good luck parents). First off they got some pizza and chips along with there candle lit dinner and crackers for fun. After they were full and high on orange juice they had a great time playing with a snowman pinata which surprisingly was a lot stronger then it looked and were pretty sure was actually made of metal, we ended up getting one of the maintenance men bashing it.  Finally after they tackled each other to get the sweets we got them calmed down for a festive film, The Santa Claus. Having some popcorn, the lights turned off and curled up with blankets made it a perfect evening for them and they really seemed to enjoy it, I know I did. So that's it in the Youth Cafe for this year, start back in mid January.

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