Friday, 12 December 2014

BLOGMAS Day 11: Shop to till you ..Train

Today I started the morning in the newly relocated Charity shop I Volunteer in. It wasn't the busiest but boy was it a relief to be in a warm shop instead of the Antarctic conditions of the other one. I finished in the shop at 1PM and had exactly 15 minutes to get to the train station,  find a parking space and get my train ticket before missing it and having to wait till 3PM. I headed down to Sligo with my mum for the evening. I needed to return books to the library ( I go there because its the most amazing library around) and get a pressie for a friend. We stopped for lunch in Subway which I'm pretty sure I mention before, but they have the most UH-MAZING Veggie patty subs. Yeah so we had to past the time then till 6PM to get the train back, joys of living in the Country, theres only a train every two hours. It was super dark by the time we got the train but that meant we got to see all the decorations up in houses on the way home. It was a fun evening with my Mum and hopefully the books I got will last till after Christmas.

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