Monday, 15 December 2014

BLOGMAS Day 15 : Never taking anything for granted again

Today was my first day in the office at the ISPCA they needed help doing the Christmas orders and I got picked and thought it would be a nice change anyway. For about two hours I sat cutting cards. The Christmas cards were too big to fit into the envelopes so I had to cut them.. every single one.. on each end. Finally though something I quite liked, the orders. It was a challenge to remember what you were at because I was getting handed orders left,right and center and had to go round collecting what each person ordered, package it ,label it , leave it in the post pile and then go with the order form to be filled. It thought me never to take anything for granted, something as simple as a letter goes through many stages to get to you.When all this was done it was PUPPY TIME.. my favorite part of the day. We had to take pictures of 11 puppies and boy were they trouble. Not alone was the one on the table that we were trying to take the picture of as hyper as a kid at Christmas but whilst I was doing that I had two pulling off my shoes, one in my pocket, one tugging my jumper and the rest chewing everything in the room they could find. Let's just say it took us an hour and 25 minutes to take pictures of 11 puppies, it was a struggle. In the evening more orders came with the post so had to package them up again, then I was shown how to do some computery thing.. basically I knew what I had to do, I didn't know what it was for or what it did but after coping and pasting 209 peoples information from one Excel page to another I never really want to see a computer again. Moral of the day: I never want to work in a office.

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