Thursday, 24 August 2017

Our Adventure Book: The Cork Page's

As seen from my recent post, Cork was a big adventure for us and we took the time we had there and used it to the max, so that leaves us with more memories to add to Our Adventure Book. 
The first thing on this page is a list of all the towns we passed through on the way home as it was something I did as a kid on holiday's, just a great little memory and fun to collect and say you've been in a lot of places. 
I also made a little pouch for some odd receipts we collected along the way, such as dinner receipts and even petrol. I thought of the idea of the pouch as a way to keep them neater looking and can also pull them out and have a look at. 

The Jail page as I like to call it is one of my favorites as the map reminds me of the Maurders Map in HP. I used the map from the tour as the background for this page and kept it simple by just adding in our tickets. I may possibly add in some of the photos we took there at a later date, I don't want it looking too cluttered though.

I take it back, THIS is my favorite. I've had this little wooden frames for ages and been waiting for the perfect moment to use them. I thought with the fancy castle we visited its the perfect occasion to be fancy and use some cute little portraits from our day there and added some strips of floral paper for an added decoration.

Make sure to read my blog post on this adventure for all the stories behind these photos.

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