Wednesday, 2 August 2017

A Little Catch up

Again I fell into the rut of saying "I will blog this later", later turned out to be three months later.. my bad. But behold I have set out the perfect Instagram worthy blogger set up including meditation incense and glass bottled water.

There hasn't been a whole lot of exciting happening around here, the main thing is I passed my driving test and think I have racked up over 2 zillion miles since, going around most of the country. The majority of places I've been over the past few months have been forests and mountains as we found a few local ones and couldn't wait to explore them ( correction:  I could wait, when Rich goes exploring it lasts 3 hours and includes a lot of walking, not a fan, just in it for the scenic photos). I wanted to do many posts on each adventure but was too wrecked after to even make it up the stairs, so now all go into one, I mean you're welcome.

First up, O'Rourkes Table in Sligo, after discovering this beauty while in college, we wanted to climb it again, this time with Bobby in tow to try and tire him out. Now I'd say we drove around for at least an hour trying to remember where it was before I decided to go into a castle and ask at the reception. Along with a map, and tiny little back roads, we found it and took the 370 odd steps up to the top.

Next was an adventure and a half, The Cavan Burren Park. Another thing that took us hours to find and on a rare scorching hot day, but it was a fun road trip, the sun really does make everyone crazier.
There are beautiful walkways around the park and make amazing shots with the wooden paths and views in the background. We finished off the day with ice cream and even a campfire in the garden, being all Summery while we can.

Lastly, one that I don't think I ever will forget is Carrowkeel in Sligo. I had been up here before and wanted to show Rich the interesting megalithic tombs I knew he would enjoy. The path is straight forward up to the tombs and should take less than an hour... but of course Rich didn't take that path. THREE HOURS we took going completely off track, bare in mind we were not prepared for this walk at all and I was in shorts going through shrubs and nettles up to my elbows (not a problem for him being over 6ft tall). We went the completely wrong direction that the main path went and we took a smaller path that brought us across a dead goat, private trespassers not welcome area and the path just ending in the middle of nowhere, brilliant. Mr. Navigator decided we would keep on going through the bush and rocks along the mountain till we got to the tombs. One after another we got to each tomb thinking we finally made it, to discover it still wasn't the right tomb with the main path back to the carpark. We saw plenty of tourists way down below us watching this pair of daft ones climbing through all the bush until finally, we got to the path but of course himself had to go this path too to see what the main tombs were like another hour walk. One thing I did get out of this was meeting the friendliest wild baby goat who came running, I kid you not, running the whole way down bahhing, ( goats bah?) at us until he came within a few feet and then his mum came out of nowhere and basically roared at him to get the F back here. It was an adventure that called for a Chinese
at the end of it.
 A view of the path.. we should have taken.
Vs what we actually took... 

Note to self, be prepared when ever going for 'a quick drive'. 

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