Saturday, 26 August 2017


As I write this I still don't believe it, even after being told I have a place.
But I guess I have to believe it, it is true, I'm actually going to college to do Veterinary Nursing.

After three years of applying, even travelling to Scotland to try there, and this being my last year to try as I had given up all hope, I have finally secured a place on the course I have wanted for years and something I have always dreamt of doing in the future. Not only is that exciting but I have also been selected for Advanced Entry into second year so will only have to study for two years and will be a qualified Vet Nurse... AHHKAMLCLEFOEF!! As excited as I am, being a nerd two years will fly and I know I'll want to study more though.

Calm, I am Calm.

I went up yesterday to an information day and took a little tour around the (AMAZING) college and saw the lab I would be based in and it's weird but I freaked out over real stethoscopes like only real nurses use them and the fact I get nursing textbooks <3
I walked around picturing myself going to college here, as I did with all the other colleges I have visited in the past few years, but this one I will actually be a student in and its just hard to explain but something you have dreamt about for many years finally coming true and it being your biggest wish to do, it's incredible.

It truly does go to show though, don't ever give up on your dreams,  they do come true if you push yourself to keep trying.

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