Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Precious Amber Pet Collars

I had to share these gorgeous pet collars I got recently because they ain't no ordinary collar. Precious Amber Pet collars are real natural chunks of Amber made to naturally, chemical-free deter fleas and ticks. Not only are they natural and organic they're so gorgeously made which a beautiful chain and being delivered in a lovely little cotton bag. 

"Amber collars for dogs and cats by Precious Amber Pets is the natural tick and flea protection tool. Suitable for dogs and cats, even if they are allergic, pregnant or nursing. 100% chemical free, no insecticides. Safe for humans and animals, no secondary effects on your pet or family member. Suitable for pets with illness, senior and hyper pets or those recovering from traumas / injuries / surgeries. Powerful weapon against parasites + great looking pet accessory !
When worn on pet the friction with their fur releases aromatic terpenes from amber that repels ticks and fleas. Baltic amber fossilised tree resin contains natural essential oils. The resinous smell of the amber called terpenes, which derives from the friction of the amber with the pet's fur, and which parasites do not like are responsible for them feeling uncomfortable." http://preciousamber.ie/

I got the thin chain one for my cat as its so light she won't even notice it. How gorgeous is the pattern on the clasp? I just love this natural earthy vibes.

I got the one with a buckle for my dog as he still thinks hes a puppy and runs around like a mad man so wanted something a bit more durable.. still just as beautiful though <3
Cant recommend these enough for pet owners as they are so much healthier for the animals and also they can last up to two years so are well worth the price.
They have a range of products also available for people so check out their website. 

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