Wednesday, 22 February 2017

The 5 Senses

I wanted to do something different then typical chocolates for Valentines and after a lot Pinterest searching I found a really cute idea. Gift using the 5 Senses.

I had this planned for along time but it was a little thrown together on the day, as in my previous post you can see it was a bit mental, but I still wanted to treat himself in a unique way.

A lovehearts candle what better thing to give on Valentines.. and to someone who absolutely loves sweets.

See: Although this is another candle I really loved the quote and wanted him to see it and think of our plans to go travelling.

I made a bit of an extra effort here going into a Latvian shop (my boys Latvian) to get some foreign sweets which he loves.

When I knew about our plans to go to the beach on Valentines I instantly thought of using seashells as 'hear' because obviously we all know if you place them to your ear you can hear waves (actually your own pulse FYI) but also as an extra token to remember our day out at the beach.

Who would have known massage oil was so hard to find, I settled for this Argan Oil cream as I use Argan products a lot and know how soft and nourishing they are so knew this would work well while spoiling him with a back massage.

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