Friday, 24 February 2017

A Very Potter Christmas

Yes its February, but hey don't we all love Christmas? I know I do, and this year was just magical (pun intended) that I had to share the serious over-doing it with Potter gifts I received. My brother just gets me completely, like he even wrapped up my gifts in brown paper and string stamped with a wax seal.. if that doesn't scream I- know -you -are- obsessed -with -Harry- Potter -that- you- will- cry- over -this -wax -seal, I don't know what will.

I opened the purse package first and was like wow that's crazy I really need a purse.. then I turned it over and seen the Hogwarts crest and inside is written 'Hogwarts Alumni', I cried I kid you not. Like a practical everyday item, yet will show my total geekyness, I love it. Same goes for the Gryffindor backpack, I use it quite a lot when traveling and just love showing off the I'm a Potterhead and proud.
The amazingly wrapped package contained the super cool mugs which I don't really want to use as I know clutzilla over here will drop them, so in the mean time they're on my Potter shelf. 
I was so amazed by this Qubbler notebook, I've never seen one around before and its nice to get something totally different. 

Later on in the day I opened up some more gifts to find even more Potter gifts so had to retake the collection again. In this lot is the crazy amazing Hogwarts pillow which also is so pretty on the back with little Sorting Hats, brooms, lightening bolts, Phoenix's, owls and pixies. 
Next up was a really rare goblet I again haven't seen before and am in total love with. It changes colour when filed with hot or cold drinks which is what I picture how they serve in The Three Broomsticks. 
I am totally geeked out for the rest of the year now :) 

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