Monday, 27 February 2017

The Case of Beasts

By this stage everyone knows I'm a hardcore Potterhead, and along with the rest of you I was so excited getting a glimpse into the Wizarding world again when Fantastic Beasts and Where To find Them was released. Along with the movie they brought out some really beautiful and interesting books and because i have one amazing boyfriend, I got my hands on the incredible Case of Beasts.

Anyone who has seen the movie or read the books knows about Newt's case and I think this is beautifully incorporated into the book desgin filled with pull out information sheets, fact files and posters including wanted posters of Newt and Tina and a MACUSA map. 

I won't spoil the book, (merely tempt you into buying it) *not so evil laugh* with some of the many pull out facts and really cool merchandise as you get one of the leaflets the New Salem Philanthropic society hand out in the film and Tina's MACUSA ID card.
One of my favorite pieces comes on the last piece, a wand permit form that you can actually fill out. 

As with everything Wizarding World, this book is magical in many ways. 

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