Friday, 16 January 2015

Fostering Robin: Day One

I was volunteering at the ISPCA today and was a normal day as usable until home time came and I got to bring little Robin a Jack Russel home with me for a few days to foster. Robin has been at the center since before I started there so I wanted to give her a nice little break away from the madness and those puppies she shares her kennel with. We very nearly didn't get to bring her as the people from her Forever Home are coming to pick her up soon but I'm going to have her back before then and they wanted me to treat her to a nice weekend.
The journey home was a very nervous time for her obviously not being used to being out of the center and with strange people but boy did she make her self at home when we arrived. She absolutely loves my dog Bobby and he loves her too, they follow each other round all the time and its so great for him to have a friend. After the excitement of being in a home and the minor difficultly of the stairs wore off she finally settled down and the two of them slept together cuddled up .

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